Which Is The best Wireless Router In 2015?

Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Still looking for the best wireless router to suit your needs? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The first and foremost reliable router in my opinion would have to be Netgear’s N600 wireless dual band gigabit router. It delivers the ultimate in wireless performance for home and small business networking. With four gigabit Ethernet ports and twice the bandwidth, separate wireless – n access points for media and data, you will enjoy more reliable connections as well as faster wireless, and maximum wired speeds. This is ideal for connecting multiple computers running multiple applications.

Another great thing about  the N600 wireless dual band gigabit router from Netgear is that it manages traffic too, so there’s less lag in streaming, VOIP and other critical tasks.

The Netgear router also offers easy file sharing and external storage. Just connect your USB storage device to the wireless router, and every computer on your network can easily exchange media, documents, music and more.

Best Wireless Router – Technical

Let’s take a look at Netgear’s wireless router features:

  • 680 – MHz processor
  • Four gigabit Ethernet ports – ultra fast wired speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.
  • Eight internal antennas, which are dedicated to each band.
  • Efficient power amplifiers for maximum wireless range
  • Operates simultaneously on both the 2.4 GHz frequency and the less congested 5.0 GHz frequency.
  • Easily add an external USB storage device that everyone on your network can access
  • Has fast ReadyShare, that supports a wide range of file formats with simple plug and play forts
  • Offers separate wireless – n access points for media/gaming and data, with application – based quality of service for jitter free video and lag – free gaming. . . and much much more!

So it’s easy to see why the Netgear wireless router has made my best router list. Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

Best Wireless Router Conclusions


The pros:

Easy to set up, fast, good range indoors and out doors, nice design, ease of use on/off switch. My N desktop connects a 300Mbps, checks for updates automatically, extremely reliable.

The cons:

A bit pricey, but that is offset by how great this product is.

I have no issues with it even after a firmware upgrade. No need to use the CD that comes with it as it’s all pretty much self explanatory to begin with. It’s amazing how it shows which machine is using UPnP and on which ports. This router can be used with a 64 bit copy of windows easily enough, and you can simply log into the router through it’s IP address of and set it up from there.

I would definitely recommend this to other people. I know it’s a tad expensive but it is worth every penny so far.

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  • There are many top performing wireless routers on the market today. Finding the best wireless router can be a daunting task at times. We all have different needs and expectations from our routers. For example, you can never have too much security. It seems all too easy for Wi – Fi freeloaders to try to access your internet connection whenever they’re in range of your network. So for this example I would highly recommend a good wireless n router with good inbuilt security software as part of the package.
  • For some, parental controls is a must to keep our little ones safe on the world wide web. So we would recommend something like the dlink dir 655. I’m sure you would agree with me on this one.
  • If your into gaming then I’m sure your well aware how advanced gaming graphics can slow down your computer. You would also know that having something like a dual processor as part of your desktop or laptop package can help overcome this. What about that fact that advanced gaming graphics can slow down your internet connection speed? Did you know video can also slow your speed a bit too? (IE: youtube).
  • What’s the point of having a 4G broadband connection if your router can’t keep pace? That would be like trying to drive with the handbrake on. :) We would suggest here in this example taking a look at the asus rt n66u review. There are other routers out there in the market place that are capable of handling the above scenario, but of course with added expense.
  • How about a wireless broadband modem and wireless access point? Most modems have a life span of 2 – 3 years. The Motorola SGB 900 has been known to last up to 5 years! Now that’s value for money.
  • If your looking for a router that is easy to use, doesn’t lag, has good security, and allows multiple networks setup for multiple devices, that won’t break the bank, how about the belkin wireless router to fit the bill? This can all be setup in just 3 easy steps.
  • Ok so picture this. Your away on a trip with either family and friends or perhaps a couple of work colleagues. Your staying in a motel that has Wi Fi for a small fee. Checking emails and staying in touch with family and friends on your mobile etc is common practice for us all. However most hotels charge per internet connection, so this can mean an unpleasant and sometimes hidden extra internet usage bill at checkout time.

With the trendnet router wireless n travel kit, you need not worry about those sometimes unforeseen extra charges. Just simply hook the travel kit up to the access point, then your free to share the net with all coded portable devices amongst your friends/group at the same time. Problem solved!

  • Do you have a low or poor internet signal? Do you need something to boost or extend the signal range? The securifi almond is sure to meet your expectations and beyond. Amazingly this router has a touch screen interface as well. Just like touch screen interactive tv’s, cell phones etc, this router is at the cutting edge of technology. I like it.
  • So how about a router that just has rave reviews all over the internet? Something that’s affordable, reliable and just plain consistent with continued use? whether your still running windows 2000 or windows 7, we would strongly encourage you to check out the medialink wireless n router reviews article found on this site. There are over 5000 reviews on Amazon alone. This router is also suitable for mac and linux users too.
  • What about something for the busy household or business? With so many wireless gadgets with internet compatibility, in most households or businesses today, it’s hard to keep up. What’s more we all want to use them at the same time. Something heavy duty is called for that won’t break the budget. The tp link tl wr1043nd will be able to live up to the task with ease. It will make light work of running your moble phones, laptops, desktops, printers, GPS and gaming consoles together all at once. So it’s win win for all users in the home or office here.

At the end of the day finding the best wireless router on the market can be time consuming to say the least. Most of us that are in the market for a router have a fair idea of what we need for our home or business network. To make things a little easier at least as far as good research goes, we have compiled 10 reviews featuring one router from the top 10 wireless router brands on the market today. If your not sure exactly what you need or want your router to do for you, when you arrive at this site, we only hope we have provided you with enough valuable information to help you with your choice.

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